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It's almost time for the "Great Unveiling!"

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1 It's almost time for the "Great Unveiling!" on Fri Jul 15, 2011 7:40 pm

My movement is nearly complete! After nearly a year of anxious anticipation, I heard from Dirk yesterday and even his excitement about this project was palpable. I'm still not at liberty to post the photos he sent until he's confirmed that the movement functions precisely as it should, but I will say that he sent me about a half dozen or so photographs that depict my movement in various stages of manufacture. I am giddy.

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I'm really excited about this, James - any news yet?

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3 Some Teasers on Wed Aug 31, 2011 3:00 am


Dirk has graciously allowed me to release some of the photos he's sent me of the movement under construction.

Final details of the watch are still being worked out, and Dirk has also sent me a photo of a dial he had made, with black painted numerals. But after discussing it a bit, we decided to go in a different direction. We had this e-mail conversation towards the end of July before he took a few weeks off for a well-deserved holiday. I expect to hear more shortly, and once I have more information, I will happily share it.

Thanks for your interest!


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Thank you so much for sharing the photos, James - that movement looks stunning.

Can't wait to see the rest - please do keep us posted on progress.

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Hey everyone - just wanted to provide a quick update.

We've settled on a dial design, and Dirk is finished creating the necessary tooling to realize our vision. We also discussed some modifications to the case design, which I suspect is nearly complete and which I am, understandably, extremely eager to see.

I've been informed that testing has proven the reliability and accuracy of the movement that we designed and that I should expect to have the watch in hand (or, on wrist) before Christmas. I did, of course, tell him that I'm more than willing to wait a little longer rather than compromise on the watch in any way.

The only remaining decision (of which I'm aware) will probably be how to secure this magnificent timepiece to my wrist. On the one hand, I'm generally partial to straps, but I've seen some photos of Jocke's Dornblueth on a very attractive bracelet.

I sent Dirk a note the other day to inquire about the status, but haven't heard back yet. I actually view that as a good sign, since I presume he's working feverishly to finalize things before the holiday.


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