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One of my friends asked Dirk what a grey dial 99.1 would look like . . .

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. . . and this is the result. My pal had a 99.1 that he gave to his Dad, and wants another badly . . . he was considering ordering one just like this and waiting for it to be completed, but has since decided to try and get one from an authorized dealer in the Netherlands because he just doesn't want to wait. Now, that's what I call a truly dedicated fan! Cordially, Art

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I think that the effect grey-blue is great! But I have not understand: Dirk can release it or if it just an idea of your friend?

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. . . for my friend just as depicted . . . cordially, Art

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4 Very "Stealthy" on Mon Jul 14, 2008 8:08 pm

This is an appealing combo. I'm trying to envision it in the metal. What color is that strap?

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. . . but I'm sure Dirk would accommodate any request ;-). Personally, I would prefer white print rather than raised numerals, and a 99.2 rather than a 99.1. Another combo that might work would be blue print on a light grey dial; black print might work, too. Cordially, Art

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