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D.D. watch maintaince

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1D.D. watch maintaince Empty D.D. watch maintaince on Sat Nov 24, 2012 6:04 pm

I would like to know about D.D. Watches maintaince cost. How long time it require to lubricate? And how much D.D. for getting the lubricant service?

Thanks for your help in advice.

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2D.D. watch maintaince Empty Approx $300 USD on Mon Nov 26, 2012 5:07 am

To service my cal 04.0

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3D.D. watch maintaince Empty Re: D.D. watch maintaince on Sat Jan 05, 2013 3:53 am

Does Mr. Dornbluth provide any vision for maintenance procedures in the future?

For example, Patek proudly focuses on services by stating that it has records for every watch sold plus having an ability to repair and replace historic parts that may not be in production any more. Thus, I can buy a Patek and my kids won't have issues servicing it 40 years from now.

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4D.D. watch maintaince Empty Re: D.D. watch maintaince on Wed Jan 09, 2013 8:45 pm

I gave this considerable thought before placing my Dornbluth 99.1 order.

It's a dark subject but in the world of potential heirloom watches it was important in my purchasing this watch as I plan to someday pass it along to my son. Fact of the matter is Dirk won't be around forever and I'm sure he's given this some thought as a 2nd generation maker himself. The good news is that the company operation has expanded in size, partially due with the advent of the Quintus as we've seen in from Dornbluth happenings.

While I am uncertain Dirk has any children to take the helm I do know he has other family working at the shop (his sister and maybe others?). If there's any family to spark a 3rd generation maker then of course that maker would have to want to be a watch maker as well. If there isn't a family member willing to take the helm then I'm sure Dirk has given considerable thought to how he plans to pass on the company to a senior member of his staff.

Bottom line is there's no certain answer. Patek has been around for years and I believe is still family owned and has managed to operate with the ability to offer indefinite service of any watch. But you pay dearly for this, especially in late discounted models with complications. You also pay for this in the initial purchase of the watch. The least expensive Patek will get you two Quintus models. Your kids may own your broken Patek years from now but can they afford to fix the watch? Can their kids afford it when it becomes even more expensive to service the watch?

So at this point all of us that have purchased or plan on purchasing a Dornbluth have taken a little bit of a gamble. Many luxury manufacturers don't offer anything beyond 20+yrs, some sooner than that (Grand Seiko), unless their parts inventory for that reference haven't been completely exhausted. Some have started to create a monopoly on parts by not outsourcing parts to private watchmakers which also increases the costs.

Good news is that most of the Dornbluth models are based on the venerable Unitas movements that have been around for years. There's no shortage of similar regular parts for these watches. I'm not entirely sure about the Quintus as it's in-house? Assuming the worst were to happen and the shop close decades from now, I'm fairly confident I could find a maker to service the watch, unless it involved cosmetic damage to the dial. But even you can purchase another dial through Dirk!

Shops like RGM are capable of servicing such a piece and advertise that they are capable of working on the most complicated watches. Granted if my 99.1 needed a replacement part in the hands of my son (or great grandchild) it may not be a decorated piece, at least one done in a Dornbluth shop, but the watch would likely be fixed and working with an appropriate piece that does the watch considerable justice.

This is also why regular preventative maintenance is important not just for Dornbluth but for all manufacturers. If 30yrs from now I cannot service one of my Rolex watches then perhaps it was because those that own the same model didn't service as regularly and forced the replacement of worn and neglected parts from a dwindling inventory of parts for that model.

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