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Interesting collections

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1 Interesting collections on Fri Nov 04, 2011 5:37 pm

Hey guys and girls

Could be interesting hearing more about your other watches and collections - maybe supplied with pictures!
Are you into divers, pilot watches, marine watches, pre-war, special brands and so forth?


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2 Re: Interesting collections on Sat Nov 05, 2011 5:34 pm

I don't have that much of a collection - unfortunately, finances dictate that I normally have to sell one to buy another, and at the moment I like all of my watches too much to let one go!

The collection currently comprises:-
(i) My beloved 99.1;

(ii) My IWC 7-Day Automatic;

I absolutely love the movement on this. It truly is a thing of beauty but, given my ineptitude as a photographer, you're just going to have to take my word for it Embarassed

(iii) A Breitling SuperOcean Heritage 46 Automatic, with black dial on a black Ocean Racer rubber strap (incredibly comfortable to wear, notwithstanding the large size, and I've loved the retro-diver look of it ever since I first saw one) - no photo of it to hand, I'm afraid; and,

(iv) A Glycine Lagunare, which I wear on a khaki NATO strap - my beater, worn for gardening, washing the cars - it's pleasingly battered and worn and, for some reason I can't quite pinpoint, I love the movement of the fine second hand.

Excuse the rubbish photographs!

The next addition the collection is either going to be something black-dialled from Dirk or (I can't quite decide) a Jaeger leCoultre Tribute to 1931 Reverso - I've always loved the iconic design of the Reversos, and the size and simplicity of the Tribute to 1931 really, really appeals to me.

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3 Re: Interesting collections on Sat Nov 05, 2011 11:56 pm


I think you have a very fine collection of watches, indeed.
Although a very simpel composition of the dial it's interesting to see how different the 99.1 can end up. White dial, bluish hands and the light brown strap and it's completely different from mine 99.1 with it's black dial, white hands, black strap and white stiching. Is the subdial a custom version, yours is more segmented than mine? Beautiful and classic watch.
The 7-days is THE Portuguese par excellence IMHO. I was just an inch from buying it myself and exactly the same version with the black dial and silver hands and yes the movement is really beautiful,
I have never given Glycine much thought (it's difficult to embrace them all) but the Lagunare is really a watch I could see myself wear, has the same aura to it as the Panerais. Would have liked to see your Breitling, pls show. Thanks for sharing your impressive collection, Mark!

My collection is quite modest in size. Although recently sold I will still show my pearl of a Breitling; the classic AOPA Navitimer 806 from 1966 with the great Venus 178 movement and silver subdials. Miss it, but must confess that I am not good at having a vintage watch; it needs too much attention, can't withstand rain and moisture and so forth, so had to let it go.


Next up is MY beater, the Panerai Base Logo from 2004, top sturdy 44 mm watch. Very modest and functional design of the dial. Like it a lot.


My very recent buy is the IWC Portuguese Yacht Club Chrono with silvery/white dial and a beautiful movement. Impressive 45,4 mm case. Almost too much bling bling on the dial to my taste, but still a watch with good karma Very Happy



Last but not least is my 99.1 Dorny. I have praised it highly elsewhere at this forum so I will just stick to showing a picture of the beauty with an earlier brown strap setup / early clasp as it looked when I bought it.




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4 Re: Interesting collections on Tue Nov 08, 2011 1:24 am


I can understand your affection for the Reverso, indeed a very beautiful watch IMHO. Another thing is the shape, always good to have a watch with a very different expression in comparison to the rest of your collection. Well, yet another watch from Dirk wouldn't be bad too Very Happy

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